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Comprehensive Eye Examination

At Imperial Optical our optometrist will assess your vision and eye health through a series of tests to diagnose and address any eye health issues.

Eye examinations are important as they can be effective in detecting the early onset of eye diseases and disorders. For this reason annual comprehensive eye examinations are recommended.

Contact Lens Fitting

There are many contact lenses available to correct your vision. At Imperial Optical, we carry all the top brands with a wide range of contacts lenses, from daily disposables and cosmetic colored lenses to multifocal contacts. Our eye professionals are available to help you choose the lenses that are right for you.
Contact lenses are medical devices and can be prescribed not only for the correction of vision, but also for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. In The Bahamas, all contact lenses, even cosmetic ones, must be properly fitted, prescribed and dispensed by a licensed optometrist.

Children's Eye Care

Medical reports today observe that seventy percent (70%) of learning in children depends on their visual systems and that one (1) out of every four (4) children is reported to have a vision problem, so parents are encouraged to arrange routine eye examinations for their children early and throughout their children’s development. At Imperial Optical, our optometrists are trained to detect and treat most vision problems to help your children see clearly.

Full Laboratory Service

Our in-house laboratory means that we can provide you with the best experience and faster delivery times. All of our eye glasses are fabricated to the correct specifications, with the utmost detail and care.

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