Prescription Lenses

Progressive lenses: Most persons over the age of forty experience difficulty in seeing up close. Progressive lenses provide the best solution for this condition, giving the progressive lens wearer the ability to see clearly at any distance, whether near or far. This gradual change in the ability to see nearby objects is called Presbyopia.

Transition Lenses: Transition lenses are special lenses that adapt to varying light depending on the level of ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Transition lenses will begin to darken when exposed to UV light, usually outdoors, and then fade back to clear when the wearer moves indoors. These lenses are particularly suitable for persons who are always moving between outside and inside. They are wonderful lenses for our sunny environment.
Anti-Glare lenses: Many people experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing computers, tablets, and digital screens for prolonged periods. The special lens coating (non-glare) can help to reduce eye discomfort and fatigue from digital devices.

Anti-glare lenses will also enhance the quality of your vision by minimizing distracting glare that can be experienced while driving at night.

High Index: These are recommended for those with prescriptions (Rx) powers of +/- 4.00D to reduce lens thickness. High index lenses are lighter and more comfortable for the wearer versus comparable lenses made with conventional materials.

High Index Lenses are also available in Transition and, Anti-glare lenses and can have Scratch Protection Coating and/or ultraviolet (UV) Protection.

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